Nationwide Pallet Delivery in Croydon | A Guide to Pallet Sizing

Do you know the difference between a quarter pallet and a half pallet? Or how a standard UK pallet differs from a Euro pallet? If you’re taking your first steps into the world of palletised goods services, you may have found that it’s not necessarily easy to ascertain the correct, and most cost-effective, way of declaring your freight. Pallet distribution networks tend to define sizes – and, as a result, prices – based on dimensions and weights. And these usually vary depending on which network you choose for your own pallet transportation.

Based in Croydon, K & R Mason Ltd strives to simplify nationwide pallet delivery, but without any compromise in quality. In addition to collections and deliveries, you can also rely on us for secure pallet storage too.

Pallet Sizes Explained

When preparing your consignment, you must classify it as either a full, half, quarter, micro or Euro pallet. Correct declaration from the start avoids unnecessary extra costs, not to mention delays. For example, if you declare your goods as a half pallet, but it’s actually a quarter pallet, you will pay more for your delivery than you should.

It’s important to recognise that what one haulier refers to as a full pallet, another may define as a half pallet. With a greater understanding of pallet distribution, and the networks within the sector, you can make your service more cost-effective.

What size is a standard pallet?

As pallet transportation and pallet storage specialists, this is among the most frequently asked questions from our clients in and around Croydon. The size refers to the footprint of the pallet, including the freight stacked on it.

For our nationwide pallet delivery service, our standard pallet comes in at 1.2m x 1.2m. However, we also ship oversized pallets, so long as we can move them by pump truck or forklift.

What is my palletised consignment?

For an accurate quotation for your pallet distribution service, you must provide the height, width, depth and weight of each individual pallet you want to send. If you have any goods overhanging the edge of the pallet, you must inform us of the total size, inclusive of the overhang.

Please note, sizing typically varies between pallet networks. At K & R Mason Ltd, we proudly hold membership with two of the UK’s leading options: TPN and UPN. As members, we provide you with a wide range of options, ensuring you find the perfect pallet size to suit your needs.

As a general guide, TPN classify a full pallet as a height of 2.2m, a width of 1.2m, a length of 1.2m and a maximum weight of 1,250kg.

In comparison, a full pallet with UPN is the same in height, width and length, but it has a maximum weight of 1,200kg.

Our team is always happy to offer advice and guidance to ensure you receive the lowest rate possible for your pallet distribution. The same applies to our pallet storage service.

The TPN and UPN memberships we hold are integral to our ability to provide nationwide pallet delivery. These networks consist of numerous pallet transportation companies spread across the country. By working together as part of a ‘hub and spoke’ system, the network exchanges and delivers palletised freight to any location.

As part of this system, K & R Mason Ltd provides reliable, affordable pallet collection and delivery services for businesses in Croydon and all surrounding areas.

Call 0208 665 1600 to discuss your own nationwide pallet delivery requirements. Based in Croydon, our distribution networks span the UK.

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